Green Central Station Live

Come party with the best Classic Rock cover band in Los Angeles - GCS

Joey C.

Kenny G.

Randy M.

Ronnie B.

Mike M.

green central station reunion

GCS Rocks BHS & JBHS 35th Reunion

Green Central Station @ Season Ticket #2

More classic rock hits by your favorite club band - GCS!

Green Central Station @ Season Ticket #1

GCS performs classic rock favorites at Season Ticket in Simi Valley

Secret Agent Man

Green Central Station goes undercover with the groom in this 1960's Johnny Rivers classic.

Peaceful Easy Feeling

GCS fans love this Eagles classic

Locomotive Breath

GCS at a killer wedding reception in Santa Ynez valley. Lively partygoers rife with wild & crazy NY'ers getting loose and having a blast dancing all nite long!

Born To Be Wild

GCS fires all the guns at once!