GCS Member Bios 

Our group of classic rockers are among the most talented in the industry. We are refining individual bios and adding some cool "action" photos of our band members.

Kenny Green - Rhythm Guitar/vocals

Ringleader and the mastermind behind GCS is a guy who loves playing guitar and entertaining an audience of 10 or 1000. I believe that we finally have the lineup to take our performing to the next level. Our positive attitude and hard work is starting to pay off - the band is having a blast as we grow into a powerful vocal and musical force. I feel lucky to be surrounded by this great group of talented musicians and loyal friends in Green Central Station.

Ron Bassof - Lead Vocals

A veteran of many rock bands in the 60's & 70's including Shades of Blue, JUSTUS, MMR & Katie. Ron also served his country in the armed forces while residing in the islands where he was lead vocalist for Hawaii Acoustic Creations. A true pro who brings it to every gig, Ron is a founding GCS member with a smooth yet powerful voice.

Mike Molin - Bass Guitar

I grew up listening to Classic Rock and the bass lines always caught my attention. The deep warm tones and the driving lines really speak to me. I've known Ken for years and we decided to get together and just do some jamming. Well one thing led to another and finally Green Central Station was born. We always have fun playing and have all become good friends.

Randy Marks - Drums/vocals

Always on target, the Marks - Man keeps the GCS train firmly on the right track. He also blends magical vocal harmonies into many of the songs GCS performs. A man of many talents, Randy can mix up a wide palette of drink selections should your bartender cancel!

Joe Caruana - Lead Guitar / vocals

Joltin' Joe regularly knocks it out of the park during a tasty lead solo as part of the GCS guitar attack. A proven player with the vocal abilities to sing lead as well as harmonize, Joe is a team player who raises the GCS game with his many talents.